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European Championships München 2022

Click through our image gallery of the European Championships 2022 in Munich

A gym in the living room

Having the opportunity to do gymnastics around the clock? A father in Austria made this dream possible for his daughters and equipped this private gym in the family home with SPIETH equipment.

The Finals in Berlin 2022

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New RG Competition Floor "Tel Aviv"

The new official RG Competition Floor "Tel Aviv" is FIG certified and is a product development of the "Beijing" model.

EnBW DTB Pokal 2022 in Stuttgart

Click through our image gallery of the 37nd EnBW DTB Pokal in Stuttgart 2022

New training center at the University Munich

In October 2021 the time had finally come: the gymnastics training center of the Technical University (TU) in Munich was completed.

New training center for Überlingen (Germany)

In the summer of 2020, the new training hall in Überlingen was successfully completed.

The new Uneven Bars "Munich"

This is the official product presentation of the new competition Uneven Bars "Munich"

The Deutsche Turnliga Finale 2021 in Neu-Ulm

Review of the DTL Finale 2021 in Neu-Ulm

Most significant sports complex in Helsinki

A new training center for the members of the Finnish gymnastics national team.

New Gymnastics Trainingcenter next to Prag Castle

Just a small distance next to Prag Caste, a training center for Team-Gym and Artistics Gymnastics was created.

Melbournes' new and improved gym

Pulse Gymnastics. A gym hall full of SPIETH equipment of some 500 square metres

Rebuild of the National Training Center in Israel

Rebuild of the National Training Center „Berlin Hall“ at Wingate Institute, Israel

WAG Training Hall, Mogelsberg (Suisse)

An open pit without digging a hole in the ground