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A converted office building becomes a children's sports paradise

With our STAP equipment, a converted office space becomes an exclusive children's movement landscape. In the future, children from 0-6 years will be able to participate in sports classes here in small groups. It will also be possible to rent the room for birthday parties.
Many thanks to the DAYO team, our project staff, and the technicians who wonderfully planned and implemented the project!

Among other things, the STAP "Happy Gym" 4-in-1 frame with custom-fit mats, a star wall with accessories, an air floor, a trampoline, a balance beam club, and various boxes were installed. Triflex was also laid throughout the space.

"With this studio, I want to create a place for children with our team, where children can be children, where children learn to believe in themselves and grow beyond themselves. Because every child is unique and great." Katharina Stobinski, Managing Director of DAYO SPORT

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STAP Foldable Incline
Unfolded usable as incline, folded usable as rectangle block.With PVC-cover.TECHNICAL DETAILS:Dimensions unfolded: 200 x 70 x 48 cmDimensions folded: 100 x 70 x 53 cm
Minitrampoline "SPIETH"
All dimensions are adapted to gym benches and vaulting boxes. Consists of galvanised metal frame 115 x 115 cm, woven nylon bed 60 x 60 cm, 28 springs, height adjustable front 30 - 39 cm, height adjustable back 39 - 53 cm. A horizontal use of the trampoline is possible at a height of 39 cm. The padding is made of washable bisonyl.
Balance Beam "Club"
Soft training balance beam with special padding and "Vario" height adjustment. This padded beam made of aluminum profile has an additional, softer running surface under the durable synthetic leather than the competition beam. The balance between the softer running surface and the necessary stability is optimally matched. This reduces stress on the joints, minimizes the risk of injury and allows for a higher training frequency. When the height is adjusted, the feet remain in the same position so that the mats do not have to be moved. TECHNICAL DETAILS: Length: 5 m Width of the surface: 10 cm Height adjustment: 60-130 cm (from 60 - 90 cm with 10 cm increments and from 90-130 cm with 5 cm increments)
STAP "Happy Gym" 4 in 1
"Happy Gym" - 4-Station-Frame including Mini-High Bar, Mini-Rings, Mini-Uneven Bars and Mini-Parallel Bars. • All "Happy Gym" apparatuses are connected to one base frame • For combined full-body training • Glassfiber rails with wooden veneer and laminated wooden rings • max. body weight: 50 kg • A matching mat set can be ordered as an option
STAP Foam Beam
Ideal for movement landscapes for kidsBalance beam training on the floorLength: 2,5 mVelcro at the ends to connect with more beams
Airfloor long 500x100x10 cm
• Training aid for e.g. excercises on balance beam or floor • With blue lines for better orientation: one side with 3 lines (like landing mat of vault) and other side with 1 line TECHNICAL DETAILS: • Inflated within a short time, with adjustable pressure • Reduced impacts on joints, so athletes can practice more often • Suitable for beginners and top gymnasts • With lines for a better orientation and as a help in methodical training • At short sides connectable with velcro • Inclusive transport/ storage bag and repair set • Blower must be ordered separately