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New Gymnastics Trainingcenter next to Prag Castle

In collaboration with a local construction company, SPIETH Gymnastics has realized this 400m² big gym. This collaboration started with the first architectural drawing. It ended with the final installation of the different apparatuses and areas to fulfill the requirements of the local club and owner of the gym, SK Hradcany.
Three big foam pits mark the gym’s purpose as a pure training facility. The pits enable the athletes and coaches to learn and train new elements and landings on eleven apparatuses, without risking bigger injuries. The big customized tumbling floor with 14x18m size is the gym's core, on which all other apparatuses are aligned.
To reduce the injury risk to a minimum, one priority of the gym concept was, to avoid different floor levels, which usually lead to a higher amount of ankle and foot injuries. To insure this, the structural concrete floor was created with four different height levels.
90% of the walked-on floor area is now leveled to +20cm height including all Mats and Jumping Apparatuses. For all athletes, moving in this gym is now on a maximum safety level and they can concentrate and focus on their routines and exercises during training even more.
The basis for a successful realization of such a big project is the effective coordination of all involved parties during the whole process. The training center of the local club “SK Hradcany” is a role model for a successful collaboration between all participants.