SPIETH has been developing landing-pit systems for over 30 years, constantly improving construction techniques to meet the requirements of modern gymnasts. The safety of athletes remains priority number one at SPIETH.

Open Landing Pit System (landing pit with foam cubes):  
  • Open landing pit with total height of 140 cm
  • Base with special foam (30 cm high)
A PVC net separates the base from the top, protecting the foam cubes from penetrating into the base. To ensure top-level functionality, durability and safety, SPIETH uses only high-quality foam with optimum impact absorption. Moreover, the foam cubes vary in size to avoid compression and hardening of the foam through permanent load.

Closed Landing Pit System:
  • Closed landing pit with a height of 80 cm
  • Base with 2 layers of special foam (60 cm high)
An additional 20 cm foam layer is packed into a PVC cover, topped with durable canvas and covering the whole surface of the pit. The separated upper mat reduces long-term costs, as its cover is easily replaced if damaged. Velcro bands protect the upper foam layer from displacement. To optimize tear resistance, the single canvas parts are double-stitched and positioned to avoid seams in critical landing areas. The built-in PVC apron is held in place with Velcro, providing additional protection when landing in a side zone.