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In recent years, SPIETH has developed a mat system aimed at providing gyms and training centres with as much usable training and methodical area as possible. Safety for gymnasts is our primary motivation.

FIG-certified standard mats for the main landing zones and the SPIETH mat system for additional methodical space and training areas are combined to obtain the largest possible mat area on the same level. This maximizes the use of space while ensuring the athletes can compete and train without fear of unnecessarily hard landings. Furthermore, the adapted height level prevents accidents through stumbling.

The mat system is constructed to be individually adjustable to all training and competition equipment. Adjustment is easily carried out and is inexpensive.

More and more clubs are enjoying the benefits of the mat system, applying it successfully.

  • Make the most of your available space
  • Provide your gymnasts with the safety they deserve
  • Benefit from the flexibility created by SPIETH mat combinations

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on your specific requirements.