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Planning each new training centre is a unique process every time, with drawings and equipment tailored specifically to the requirements of each individual layout. 
Are you thinking about constructing a new building? In close cooperation with you, SPIETH Gymnastics will advise you on the plans from the very beginning! Please feel free to contact us without any obligation – our experts are looking forward to helping you with your project!

Planing and Installation of Gyms

To reach maximum performance at competitions and to develop consistently as an athlete, the best possible training conditions are key. Also, on a more moderate gymnastics level, fixed installed apparatuses and pits are very popular and can increase the efficiency of training times. Since years, SPIETH Gymnastics is known as a specialist in creating individual built-in solutions, to support the customer throughout the complete planning and realization process. Yearly maintenance by experienced SPIETH technicians can guarantee continuous safety in the gym and increase the lifetime of the gymnastics apparatuses.
Each training center's coaches and athletes have different requirements, which make every gym unique. Especially if a training center is planned to be created in an existing building or an existing gym is supposed to be improved, an optimal training concept can only be achieved through individual customized solutions. 

It's always a pleasure for our team to install the equipment in new or existing halls. We consult each other to find the best solution for your future gym hall, taking into consideration the customers needs and safety aspects. As soon as our planing phase is finished, we try to achieve the best possible installation date. The technicians give their best to realize great results. Also, after the installation our after sales service is taking care of you.

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All informations on SPIETH training centers in our project broschure.

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Training centers that have been equipped by SPIETH Gymnastics

A converted office building becomes a children's sports paradise

With our STAP equipment, a converted office space becomes an exclusive children's movement landscape.

New opening of a state-of-the-art training hall in Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Gymnastics Centre was expanded with a modern new building that offers optimal training conditions for athletes.

Renovation of a gymnastics training center in Limburg

The centerpiece of the newly renovated hall: a large trampoline that can be lowered electrically above the open pit.

A gym in the living room

Having the opportunity to do gymnastics around the clock? A father in Austria made this dream possible for his daughters and equipped this private gym in the family home with SPIETH equipment.

New training center at the University Munich

In October 2021 the time had finally come: the gymnastics training center of the Technical University (TU) in Munich was completed.