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In order to guarantee the safety and longevity of the hall equipment, we offer routine maintenance of the devices and systems.

The maintenance is executed by qualified SPIETH service technicians and it includes:

  • Minor repairs on site
  • The exchange of spare parts 
  • Cleaning and greasing of all movable equipment connections 
  • Tightening of screw connections of all devices 
  • A detailed audit report that points out any defects and suggests alternatives
Through regular monitoring and maintenance, a gymnastics hall can be used much longer, and investment requirements can be identified and planned at an early stage.

Maintenance Broschure

German Version
English Version coming soon

Download GER Version

Even from an economic point regular mainenances make sense

In addition to safety aspects, regular maintenances also make sense from an economic point of view: Thanks to early repairs of minor defects and simple maintenance measures of your apparatus, the lifetime will be extended.

Repairs at our headquarter in Altbach:
  • New covering of Pommel Horses
  • New covering of Balance Beams
  • Repairing of Springboards
  • and many more

Individual Adaptions
You haven't found the right size of mat / apparatus? No problem, we customize your product or make an offer according to customer requirements.

Set-Up and Installation
You not only wish us to deliver your products but also set them up or install them in your gym? Let us know and we will make an offer! Our certified service technicians are happy to help.
Interested in maintaining your existing gym? Do not hesitate and get in touch with us!