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Product search

There are basically two ways to find your product on our website:

1. Product search via the search field (small magnifying glass - top right): Enter the product you are looking for or the article number in the field. A drop-down menu will then suggest suitable products. If you click on "enter" after entering your search, all products that match your search query will be displayed.

2. Product search via the menu: Select the category to which your product most closely matches. You can then refine your search even further in the drop-down menu. For example, search "By gym equipment", "By range" or "By sport".
For example: If you are looking for a free-standing uneven bars, you can search for "uneven bars" via the "Equipment" menu in the "By gymnastics equipment" drop-down menu. There you will find all products that belong to the uneven bars.

Access data

As the access data from the old website cannot simply be transferred to the new website, we ask you to proceed as follows:
Please log in to the webshop on the new website again. The best way to do this is to use the e-mail address with which you previously registered on the website or placed an order. This will allow you to link it to your personal SPIETH customer account.

We will also be happy to help you here. Simply give us a call or send us a short e-mail.