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Great pit alternative: customised soft crash mat

Often clubs do not have the possibility to build a new hall including pits, but still want a pit solution for optimal training conditions. 

This is where our soft crash mat comes into play: it has the same structure as a closed pit, but does not require a recess in the floor, but is simply built onto the hall floor.
And by "simple" we really mean "simple":

At TB Oppau (German Gymnastics Club), unloading the truck and setting up the 8.50 m long, 2.30 m wide and 80 cm high super soft floor took less than an hour. The vacuumed cover mat filled with air to a usable state within 30 minutes. Even the customer was amazed.
Further advantages of the super soft floor: 
  • As a customer, you can agree the dimensions individually with us.
  • No SPIETH technician is needed for the installation.
  • You can train on the soft crash mat on the day of installation.
  • The costs are considerably lower than for a closed pit.

If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact us!