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We are starting into a BLUEtiful future. With a fresh look, we are starting a new chapter at SPIETH. Our values remain strong.

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SPIETH is the official supplier of the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Antwerp 2023

Pricelist for used equipment and mats 2023

Create your own path with Brick Elite Parkour Equipment!

Create flexible and customizable parkour training areas with Brick. Unleash your potential with brick devices and increase your sporting ambitions. The products will be available on our website soon.

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STAP - The new brand for training at home

STAP, what is that? STAP stands for Sport, Training, Ambition and Passion. It's the sports equipment brand that meets your home workout needs! Because we understand that sport nowadays does not only take place in planned training groups or public fitness studios. XMAS SPECIAL is valid only in Germany.

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Our top sports

Artistic Gymnastics

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

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Best Selling Products

Multi Mat
Soft Safety mat with a high level of shock absorption. Made from high quality memory foam which reduces the forces on the body and joints during the landing. It has an elastic strech cover and a good grip on one side and anti-slip on the other side. 150 x 100 x 1,5 cm
Airtrack "Maximum" 12x2x0,15 m
Variants: Airtrack "Maximum" 12x2x0,15 m
• Thanks to bonded and sealed seams the Airtrack "Maximum" is sturdy and durable • The special construction inside ensures stability and a good rebound • A versatile, flat track - ideal for using in clubs, schools and kindergarten • For different methodical training: 1 line at upper side, 2 lines at bottom side • At short sides connectable (velcro is installed) • Inclusive blower and manometer TECHNICAL DETAILS: • Inflated within a short time, with adjustable pressure • Reduced impacts on joints, so athletes can practice more often • Suitable for beginners and top gymnasts • Inclusive transport/ storage bag and repair set
Landing Mat "Happy Landing" 200 x 200 x 10 cm, PVC
Variants: Landing Mat "Happy Landing" 200 x 200 x 10 cm, PVC
Soft landing mat with PVC-cover and zipper. Available for training use with 5 cm height and according to FIG specifications in 10 cm height. Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 10 cm
STAP Handstand training aids
Perfect for your home useMobile Handstand training aidLength: 41 cmHeight: 24,5 cmCarboflex Rail


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New training center at the TU Munich

In October 2021 the time had finally come: the gymnastics training center of the Technical University (TU) Munich was completed. SPIETH Gymnastics was very happy to implement this project and wishes all students every success in their training.

The approximately 1.100 m² training center of the TU is equipped with numerous highlights: all competition equipment is available in multiple places. On the one hand free-standing in the gym and on the other hand for methodical training at the landing pit. The landing pit is a generous 75 m², 19 m long and divided into three parts: 25 m² open pit with foam chips, 20 m² closed pit with...