Product information "Balance Beam "Soft Touch""
The revolutionary new SPIETH ‘Soft Touch’ technology features a unique combination of landings with a ‘Soft Touch’ and superior stability. With the new “Soft Touch” technology, the balance beam keeps its well-known stability to perform pirouettes, jumps and sidewards landings. At the same time there is considerably lower impact on the joints with the ‘Soft Touch’ landing, especially for landings on both legs for gymnastic and acrobatic elements. Meet the best of 2 worlds – optimal grip and landings with reduced impact on athletes’ joints, during long trainings. A new innovative shape of the aluminium profile makes the balance beam appear optically wider, which makes it more comfortable for the gymnasts to train and compete on it. TECHNICAL DETAILS: Length: 5 m Width of the surface: 10 cm Height adjustment: from 75 to 125 cm, with 5 cm increments
Product properties
Certification: FIG certified
Target group: women
Use: competition
Shipping & freight
Weight: 97 kg
Transport method Sped XXL
Product clip with Nina Derwael

Assembly instruction


Balance Beam Padding "Training", per pair
Variants: Balance Beam Padding "Training"
Per pair. Special padding of legs to prevent injuries. (In accordance with the latest FIG guidelines.)
Surface Expander 20 cm, 3 m long
Variants: Surface Expander 20 cm, 3 m long
Suitable for all SPIETH Beam Versions "Barcelona" and older "Club" versions.
Multi Mat
Soft Safety mat with a high level of shock absorption. Made from high quality memory foam which reduces the forces on the body and joints during the landing. It has an elastic strech cover and a good grip on one side and anti-slip on the other side. 150 x 100 x 1,5 cm
Training Pad Balance Beam 1m
Variants: Training Pad Balance Beam 1m
Length 100 cm. Safety mat made of original synthetic leather. The whole mat is upholstered with special foam providing very good damping, protecting the joints and minimizing the injury risks. The mat has a special anti-slip underlay inside. By means of velcro it can be easily fixed on the beam. the safety soft mat is especially suitable for learning of new or more difficult exercises.
PVC-Cover Balance Beam
Variants: PVC-Cover Balance Beam
This cover is against dust and offers protection during transport and storage. • Quick and easy to fit with velcro. • For a balance beam with the length 5 m • One cover is needed per beam.
Anti-Virus PVC Cover Balance Beam
Variants: Anti-Virus PVC Cover Balance Beam
This protective anti-virus cover supports your hygiene actions in the gym: the brand new technology with integrated silver particles reduces the transmission of viruses. Dust cover; offers protection during transport and storage; quick and easy to fit with velcro. For a balance beam with the length 5 m. One cover is needed per beam. The new PVC-technology with included silver particles reduces the presence of a virus on the surface in the following manner: 15 minutes after contact by 95%, after 60 minutes this is even up to 98%. This technology has been tested by Virhealth, a laboratory specializing in antiviral and antibacterial testing. In order to maintain the antiviral properties of the top layer, it is highly recommended to clean this surface regularly with a neutral cleanser. With proper cleaning, the top layer of the mat retains its antiviral properties for up to 3 years.
Foam Balance Beam 2.5 m
Foam Balance Beam with marking in the middle of working area Lenght 250cm, width of the working area 15cm width of the base 25cm, height 8cm Total weight 8 kg Velcor tape on downpart for fixation to landing mats, with velcro adaption at the ends to attach further Balance Beams.
Airbeam 500x40x10 cm
Variants: Airbeam 500x40x10 cm
• Center line is 10 cm wide (corresponding with width of a competition balance beam) TECHNICAL DETAILS: • Inflated within a short time, with adjustable pressure • Reduced impacts on joints, so athletes can practice more often • Suitable for beginners and top gymnasts • With lines for a better orientation and as a help in methodical training • Bottom side with anti-slip material • Inclusive transport/ storage bag and repair set • Blower must be ordered separately
Mat Set "Moscow" Balance Beam
Variants: Mat Set "Moscow" Balance Beam
ORIGINAL REUTHER, FIG certified Height of mats 20 cm, consisting of: 3 mats 300 x 200 cm, 1 mat 200 x 200 cm 4 mats 250 x 200 cm with cuts, 4 mats 135 x 100 cm, 1 mat 100 x 200 cm New development in sandwich construction with a core combined of polyether and polyethylene foam. Additional edge stabilization and durable velour surface in spiethblue colour. The cover is made of textile-reinforced PVC material and has patented handgrips at the sides making moving and handling of mats very easy. The hand grips also provide necessary air circulation thus ensuring optimal damping during landings. A special latticed polyester material is integrated between the different foam layers to provide longer durability. The edge stabilization at all sides ensures additional safety an also longer durability of the mats. All the mats are supplied with washable anti-slop Bisonyl bottom. The mat cover has the sewed-on Velcro strips at all sides to have a complete landing area when several mats fixed together. To avoid the gaps between mats, there also the covering stripes of the same velour with a thin velcro available. The covering stripes supplied upon request.
Landing Mat "Happy Landing" 400 x 200 x 10 cm, PVC
Variants: Landing Mat "Happy Landing" 400 x 200 x 10 cm, PVC
Soft landing mat in PVC cover with zip fastener. Height of 10 cm for competitions (according to the new FIG regulations). Mandatory at FIG competitions for balance beam, uneven bars, ring frame and horizontal bar (2x). TECHNICAL DETAILS: Dimensions: 400 x 200 x 10 cm; PVC cover
Springboard "Moscow 5"
Variants: 1411704 Springboard "Moscow 5"
Newest competition springboard. FIG-certified. Equipped with revolutionary “Whisper Spring System” (WSS). With improved dynamic properties of the springboard’s lower end. Carefully and precisely calculated positions of 5 conical tempered steel springs, passivized with silver color. Surface is made of hybrid carbon fiber sandwich, with 20mm high density foam and with comfortable long-lasting needle fleece.
Magnesia Stand "Munich"
Well-designed plastic bowl on a metal post with additional storagecompartment. TECHNICAL DETAILS: Height: 95 cm; Color: Silver/White
Balance Beam Padding "Competition" (per piece)
Variants: Wettkampf-Schutzpolster für "Soft Touch"-Balken (Stück)
• Safety padding for competition Balance Beam "Soft Touch" • Mandatory at FIG competition • Preshaped foam • Soft needle felt top layer • Easy to fit with Velcro • 2 pieces are necessary for one competition Balance Beam
Landing Mat "Happy Landing" 200 x 200 x 10 cm, PVC
Variants: Landing Mat "Happy Landing" 200 x 200 x 10 cm, PVC
Soft landing mat with PVC-cover and zipper. Available for training use with 5 cm height and according to FIG specifications in 10 cm height. Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 10 cm

Uneven Bars "Munich"

The new Uneven Bars "Munich" is presented by Olympic Champion Nina Derwael.


The new tumbling track "SPIETHway Evolution"

The new reference of FIG-certified tumbling tracks on the market!

Brick Parkour Asian Tour 2023 I Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Brick is helping to develop Parkour in South-East Asia and will be title sponsor of the Brick Parkour Asian Tour throughout six countries across South-East Asia.

A converted office building becomes a children's sports paradise

With our STAP equipment, a converted office space becomes an exclusive children's movement landscape.

New opening of a state-of-the-art training hall in Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Gymnastics Centre was expanded with a modern new building that offers optimal training conditions for athletes.

Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023

SPIETH is an official supporter of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.