Product information "Landing Mat "Happy Landing" 200 x 200 x 10 cm, PVC"
Soft landing mat with PVC-cover and zipper. Available for training use with 5 cm height and according to FIG specifications in 10 cm height. Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 10 cm
Product properties
Color: blue
Material: PVC cover
Use: competition
Shipping & freight
Weight: 20 kg
Transport method Spedition

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Vaulting Table "Ergojet Rio"
FIG certified; ORIGINAL REUTHER Further developed spring system provides an improved resilience and an optimized stability at the middle and the back end of the surface. Height adjustment with gas springs from 100 - 140 cm in increments of 5 cm. Surface consisting of 2-fold fiberglass reinforced plastic and an integrated resilience system. Transport system is included. Weight without safety padding: 135 kg Floor surface required: 110 x 94 cm
Uneven Bars "Munich"
FIG-certified, ORIGINAL REUTHER The competition Uneven Bars with new linen rails "Fiberflex Pro" and a new built-in height adjustment system. New standard heights according to the current FIG standard: low rail 175 cm, high rail 255 cm. With a new built-in height adjustment system in the uprights. By pushing the locking pins the height can be adjusted e.g. for tall gymnasts (at high upright in combination with a knob). An adaption of the tensioning is mandatory. With patented double tension system including 2 slide adjusters providing the individual fine turning of tension. Adjustments: low rail from 150 to 200 cm, high rail from 230 to 280 cm, distance between the rails max. 195 cm.
Balance Beam "Soft Touch"
The revolutionary new SPIETH ‘Soft Touch’ technology features a unique combination of landings with a ‘Soft Touch’ and superior stability. With the new “Soft Touch” technology, the balance beam keeps its well-known stability to perform pirouettes, jumps and sidewards landings. At the same time there is considerably lower impact on the joints with the ‘Soft Touch’ landing, especially for landings on both legs for gymnastic and acrobatic elements. Meet the best of 2 worlds – optimal grip and landings with reduced impact on athletes’ joints, during long trainings. A new innovative shape of the aluminium profile makes the balance beam appear optically wider, which makes it more comfortable for the gymnasts to train and compete on it. TECHNICAL DETAILS: Length: 5 m Width of the surface: 10 cm Height adjustment: from 75 to 125 cm, with 5 cm increments

available in 3-4 weeks

Elastic Swingfloor "Moscow" 14x14 m
Variants: 1790751 Elastic Swingfloor "Moscow" 14x14 m
FIG-certified, ORIGINAL REUTHER Top competition Free Exercise Swing floor with a new Spring & Security System that causes a maximum rebound effect. Sub-construction made of: 74 pcs. of 15 mm high waterproof plywood sections. The floor is equipped with 2.336 high quality tempered steel springs. The sub-construction is covered by: 196 puzzle shaped foam plates (5 cm high) with special foam covered with needle fleece (2 cm high) and 7 floor mats 14m x 2m x 20mm. The layer of special high quality foam contributes to optimized rebound effects. Mats are linked together by 6 “Duo Velcro” straps. 4 white straps are available for marking the competition area. Total size: 14x14m Total height: 20 cm
Ring Frame "Berlin"
FIG certified, ORIGINAL REUTHER Built-in shock absorbers and additional special spring system reduce the jolt on the joints and also the peak forces. Safety frame made of square steel tubing with individual components with a maximum length of 2 m for easy transportation. Height adjustment in steps of 5 cm from 595 - 625 cm (overall height). Ring height adjustable in 2,5 and 5 cm increments between 275 - 305 cm (275 - 280 cm per 5 cm, 280 - 290 cm per 2,5 cm, 295 - 305 cm per 5 cm). The plastic-encased ropes for rings are attached by means of variable threaded sockets with a fine adjustment. Double cable tension system together with the licensed key-adjustment provide the device with great stability.
Parallel Bars "Melbourne"
FIG-certified ORIGINAL REUTHER • Innovative Dynamoflex® Fiberglass rails combine optimal vertical dynamics for gymnastics elements between the rails with great horizontal stability for sideward elements on one rail • The unique pre-tension of rails offers gymnasts great dynamics for flight elements and simultaneously reduces impact forces of landings on the arms • Stepless width adjustment with nonius (precision indicator on each upright which guarantees always the same width setting) for quick and individual adjustment of the parallel bars • The height adjustment is provided with additional height adjustment locking • Stable steel frame • Transport trolley (art. 1404016) is optional available Technical details: • Height adjustable between 160-210 in 5 cm increments • Competition height according FIG Norm: Position 9 • Stepless width adjustment from 41-71 cm

Uneven Bars "Munich"

The new Uneven Bars "Munich" is presented by Olympic Champion Nina Derwael.


Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023

SPIETH is an official supporter of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.

Great pit alternative: customised soft crash mat

A german club has had a new custom-made soft crash mat installed. The perfect solution for all clubs that do not have a pit but don't want to do without a soft landing area.

Supplier of international Events in 2023

The year 2023 is the pre-Olympic year before Paris 2024. Plenty of international Events will be very important for the Gymnastics Community, as they will serve as qualification competitions for the Olympic Games.

Renovation of a gymnastics training center in Limburg

The centerpiece of the newly renovated hall: a large trampoline that can be lowered electrically above the open pit.

USA Gymnastics X SPIETH America

SPIETH America has partnered with USA Gymnastics as the official equipment supplier of all USA Gymnastics Elite and National level gymnastics programs through 2029 for the first time in history.