Product information "Beam Package"
The Beam package is the handy combo package for home use. It is great for basic training at beam. The package includes the following Simone Biles Signature Products: • Practice beam "Home" (ca. 244x10 cm, height 20 cm) • Foldable panel mat small (ca. 183x122x3,5 cm) • Multi functional mat (ca: 100×140x1,9 cm)
Product properties
Target group: children
Use: leisure
Shipping & freight
Weight: 35 kg
Transport method Sped XXL

More from the product line

Multi functional mat
The Multifunctional mat is a universal soft safety mat for gymnastics with a high level of shock absorption. Especially suitable on balance beam and uneven bars. Dimensions: 100×140x1,9 cm
Portable pirouette bar (Simon Biles signature collection)
The portable pirouette bar is great for practicing turns and handstands and to get prepared for the uneven bars. Dimension: 111x24,5 cm
Practice beam - "Home" (Simone Biles signature collection)
Variants: 1403803 Practice beam - "Home" (Simone Biles signature collection)
The beam is consisting of plywood and foam. The cover is made of high-quality synthetic suede, which allows good grip. The feet are made of powder-coated steel with rubber end caps to protect the ground. Dimensions: 244x10 cm, height: ca. 20 cm
Practice beam - "Home" height adjustable (Simone Biles)
Variants: 1403804 Practice beam - "Home" height adjustable (Simone Biles)
The Simone Biles balance beam "Home" is height adjustable and allows a slow adaptation to the high beam. The beam is high enough so that mats can be placed easily underneath. • Dimensions: 244x10 cm • Height adjustable 30 cm - 45 cm

Uneven Bars "Munich"

The new Uneven Bars "Munich" is presented by Olympic Champion Nina Derwael.


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