Product information "Tumbling Track "Moscow" 12 m - assembled"
ORIGINAL REUTHER Same construction as Competition Free Exercise Swing floor with a new Spring & Security System that causes a maximum rebound effect. Sub-construction made of: 10 x 15 mm high waterproof plywood sections each 200 x 120 cm The floor is equipped with high quality tempered steel springs. The sub-construction is covered by: 24 Puzzle shaped foam plates 100 x 100 x 5 cm high and Rollable mat 12 x 2 m wide and 20mm high. The layer of special high quality foam contributes to optimized rebound effects. Total height: 20 cm
Product properties
Color: spiethblue
Material: needle-felt
Use: training
Shipping & freight
Weight: 600 kg
Transport method Spedition

Stufenbarren "München"

Die Produktvorstellung des neuen FIG-zertifizierten Wettkampf-Stufenbarren "München" von der Olympiasiegerin Nina Derwael.

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