Product information "Power and Coordination Trainer"
This training equipment improves the development of both power and coordination. The basic positions, based on the socalled "C", "I" and "S" position, can be simulated and brought to perfection. Changes in position automatically lead to changes in the leg / chest and arm / chest angle. Power development of the chest and shoulder muscles is stimulated in a way which stabilises the spinal column.
Product properties
Target group: men
Use: training
Shipping & freight
Weight: 13 kg
Transport method Paket XXL

Uneven Bars "Munich"

The new Uneven Bars "Munich" is presented by Olympic Champion Nina Derwael.


The new tumbling track "SPIETHway Evolution"

The new reference of FIG-certified tumbling tracks on the market!

Brick Parkour Asian Tour 2023 I Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Brick is helping to develop Parkour in South-East Asia and will be title sponsor of the Brick Parkour Asian Tour throughout six countries across South-East Asia.

A converted office building becomes a children's sports paradise

With our STAP equipment, a converted office space becomes an exclusive children's movement landscape.

New opening of a state-of-the-art training hall in Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Gymnastics Centre was expanded with a modern new building that offers optimal training conditions for athletes.

Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023

SPIETH is an official supporter of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.