Product information "Power and Coordination Trainer"
This training equipment improves the development of both power and coordination. The basic positions, based on the socalled "C", "I" and "S" position, can be simulated and brought to perfection. Changes in position automatically lead to changes in the leg / chest and arm / chest angle. Power development of the chest and shoulder muscles is stimulated in a way which stabilises the spinal column.
Product properties
Target group: men
Use: training
Shipping & freight
Weight: 13 kg
Transport method Paket XXL

Uneven Bars "Munich"

The new Uneven Bars "Munich" is presented by Olympic Champion Nina Derwael.


Renovation of a gymnastics training center in Limburg

The centerpiece of the newly renovated hall: a large trampoline that can be lowered electrically above the open pit.

USA Gymnastics X SPIETH America

SPIETH America has partnered with USA Gymnastics as the official equipment supplier of all USA Gymnastics Elite and National level gymnastics programs through 2029 for the first time in history.

After Stuttgart 2019 we are ready for Antwerp 2023

SPIETH is the official supplier of the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Antwerp 2023

New Parkours product range “Brick”

New Parcours product range “Brick” soon available at SPIETH Gymnastics

New Training Centers 2022

In 2022 we realized some smaller projects in Eberswalde and Karlsruhe (Germany) and in a training center in Reykjavik (Iceland).