Product information "Safety Cushion"
U-shaped PVC covered safety padding for parallel bars, uneven bars and high bar with handle on the short side for quick and easy slide Length:140cm
Product properties
Color: blue
Material: PVC cover
Use: training
Shipping & freight
Weight: 2.2 kg
Transport method Paket

Verwandte Produkte

Safety Cushion Roll
Soft protection roll for uneven bars' or parallel bars' rail. Fixation by means of Velcro. Diameter 8 cm, length 70 cm.
Parallel Bars Training Pad
Thin padding that protects the athlete while practicing. Can be divided/ connected in the middle via Velco-connection. • Blue PVC-cover • Fixation with Velcro Delivered in two pieces à 70 cm long.
Parallel Bars "Melbourne"
FIG-certified ORIGINAL REUTHER • Innovative Dynamoflex® Fiberglass rails combine optimal vertical dynamics for gymnastics elements between the rails with great horizontal stability for sideward elements on one rail • The unique pre-tension of rails offers gymnasts great dynamics for flight elements and simultaneously reduces impact forces of landings on the arms • Stepless width adjustment with nonius (precision indicator on each upright which guarantees always the same width setting) for quick and individual adjustment of the parallel bars • The height adjustment is provided with additional height adjustment locking • Stable steel frame • Transport trolley (art. 1404016) is optional available Technical details: • Height adjustable between 160-210 in 5 cm increments • Competition height according FIG Norm: Position 9 • Stepless width adjustment from 41-71 cm
Horizontal Bar "Stuttgart"
FIG-certified. ORIGINAL REUTHER. Upright with more elasticity. Height adjustment from 265 - 310 cm anti-fracture safety bar made of high quality special stainless steel, for highest standard and safety. The double tensioning with the licensed key adjustment gives excellent support and flexibility to the apparatus.
Uneven Bars "Munich"
FIG-certified, ORIGINAL REUTHER The competition Uneven Bars with new linen rails "Fiberflex Pro" and a new built-in height adjustment system. New standard heights according to the current FIG standard: low rail 175 cm, high rail 255 cm. With a new built-in height adjustment system in the uprights. By pushing the locking pins the height can be adjusted e.g. for tall gymnasts (at high upright in combination with a knob). An adaption of the tensioning is mandatory. With patented double tension system including 2 slide adjusters providing the individual fine turning of tension. Adjustments: low rail from 150 to 200 cm, high rail from 230 to 280 cm, distance between the rails max. 195 cm.

Uneven Bars "Munich"

The new Uneven Bars "Munich" is presented by Olympic Champion Nina Derwael.


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