Product information "Elastic Swing Floor "Moscow"- partially assembled"
FIG-certified, ORIGINAL REUTHER Top competition free exercise swing floor with a new Spring & Security System that causes a maximum rebound effect. Sub-construction made of 15 mm high waterproof plywood sections: 50 sections 120x240 cm, 20 sections 100 x 240 cm and 4 sections 100 x 100 cm. The underconstruction is equipped with 2.336 high quality tempered steel springs. The covering mat system is composed by: 196 puzzle shaped foam plates (50 mm high) and 7 floor mats 14x2 m x 20 mm made by special high quality foam covered with needle fleece (20 mm high). Mats are linked together by 6 “Duo Velcro” straps. Including 4 white straps for marking the competition area of 12x12 m. Total surface: 14x14 m Height: 20 cm
Product properties
Certification: FIG certified
Color: spiethblue
Material: needle-felt
Target group: men, women
Use: competition
Shipping & freight
Weight: 3637 kg
Transport method Sped XXL

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