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Artistic Gymnastics

302 items in Artistic Gymnastics

Rollable balance beam

Foam practice beam 500x10x2.5 cm

  • Ideal for practising at home
  • Both lenght and width are identical to those of a competition beam
  • Easy to store away
  • Elastic surface
  • Safe practising

Available within 5 business days

Trainer platform for uneven bars

For uneven bars "Bern" and "Dortmund"

  • Fitted to the column with clamps
  • Always remains perfectly horizontal
  • Platform can swivel and pivot
  • Stable

Available within 3-4 weeks

Competition vaulting runway

FIG approved and with non-slip springboard support
  • 25 metres long
  • 1 metre wide, 25 mm thick
  • With non-slip section for springboard
  • Top side is blue needle felt
  • Built up of shock absorbent foam

Available within 3-4 weeks

Handy mat

Soft mat for vault launch with hands
  • Allowed for competitions
  • Recommended for round-off vaults
  • Also for methodic training
  • Used as a sting mat for the beam
  • Washable material

Available within 5 business days

Vaulting board 'Safety Collar'

Safety zone for competition springboard
  • Compulsory for competitions
  • Full cover all round
  • Board can be placed very close to Pegases
  • With reinforced Bisonyl cover
  • High density foam

Available within 5 business days

Transport trolley 18 sections

For vertical transport of 15 floor elements

  • For a complete 'Club' base floor
  • Vertical storage for long life
  • Large wheels for safe movement
  • Extends the working life of your floor
  • With extra storage space for Velcro, etc.

Available within 3-4 weeks

Transport trolley floor mats

Suitable for the vertical transport of 1 floor track 14-20 m

  • Easy to load
  • Speedy transport of a number of floor tracks
  • For transport to and from your storage space
  • Vertical storage of the mat extends the lifespan

Available within 3-4 weeks

Rail for junior parallel bars

Laminated wooden bar for Junior parallel bars, lenght 280 cm


  • High-frequency glued
  • Suitable for Junior parallel bars

Available within 5 business days

Rail for senior parallel bars

Laminated wooden bar for Senior parallel bars L-350 cm
  • High-frequency glued
  • Suitable for JF parallel bars for all ages

Available within 5 business days