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Who places cookies?
In most cases Spieth Gymnastics places cookies, in some cases cookies are placed by other, third parties. In the latter case, the third party's privacy and cookie policy applies.

Why are cookies placed?
Cookies facilitate navigation on the website and are required for the search function. We do not collect names or other data that reveals anything about the identity of the visitor to the website. We use cookies to collect information about the use of this website (e.g. pages visited and search terms used) and thus improve the user-friendliness of the site. We also use them to learn from which websites you visit our website and to improve our advertising practices. A cookie allows us to provide you with more targeted information on our website and omit information that is not relevant to you. We do not pass this data on to third parties.

What can you do?
You have objections to accepting a cookie? Then you can prevent the storage of cookies via your browser.