Competition Podium

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly common to perform artistic gymnastic competitions on podiums.

Their stability, modular construction and accessibility make them ideal for all your competition needs. And they are pleasing to the eye, too – always a major benefit for spectators and TV broadcasts!


SPIETH delivers competition Podiums on request, either for permanent ownership or on a rental basis.

Our competition podiums are:

  • Modern and stable, meeting FIG requirements  
  • Constructed of modular steel frames (122x244 cm)
  • Supplied with stairs and anchorage points for counterweight systems
  • Approx. 1096 m² in total surface area

The benefits of SPIETH's competition podiums:

  • Very suitable for TV broadcasts
  • Greater equipment elasticity
  • More pleasing presentation of athletes and equipment
  • Great for spectators and participants alike

The competition podium has featured at a number of World Championships and is recognized by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG)!

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